You can’t get through life on looks, talent or skills alone…

…you need LOVE & you need a whole lot of PASSION!

It was whilst watching Plan B in Brixton in Friday and tonight’s X Factor performances that it hit me.  In life the two most important components one must have in order to succeed and get far are not pretty smiles or powerful voices.  The most important components one must have to make it to legendary status are passion and a whole lot of love.  Without these two things you will not stand out.  You will not be extraordinary.  Yes, you will be above average.  But not SENSATIONAL!  It is the passion that gives you the X Factor.

Passion is not something that can be taught or learnt.  Passion is something that is felt.  Deep inside yourself.  It is the fire in your belly.  The hunger.  The drive.  The determination.  Passion is intrinsic inside you and everyone has it.  It just needs to be uncovered when you find your purpose in life.

Plan B is a prime example.  I like Plan B.  I think he is original.  I think he has talent.  But it was whilst at his gig that I realised he does not have star quality.  He does not have charisma.  He does not have PASSION.  And it is due to this that I believe he will only get to a certain level before he plateaus.  The passion and hunger that you need to succeed is not evident within his performances and this is his downfall.  He does not have the X Factor.  And sadly it was whilst at his concert that I decided that I no longer was a fan of his.  Sorry dude! 😦

If you compare his performance to specific singers on X Factor (Mary & Aidan to name but two) you will see the evident difference.  Passion cannot be bottled.  It cannot be created by a manufacturing company.  You’ve either got it or you haven’t.  And when you’ve got it the energy you give out is paramount.  Those watching you literally get goosebumps and are tingling all over.  It makes people stand up and take notice and go WOW, there’s a star!

This is visible not just in the music business but in every profession known to man.  No matter what you do and how talented or skilled you are at it, its your passion and hunger that make you stand out.  Be it a sales executive, a motivational speaker (!!! ;)) or a Santa Claus impersonator, if you have passion, you have more chance at making it.

Same goes for relationships.  I believe passion is a necessary ingredient within every relationship and keeps the relationship going.  Passion brings energy.  Passion brings excitement.  And passion makes you stand out from the crowd.

But there’s something else that goes with passion that people often forget about, which is funny considering it is what makes the world go round.  And that is LOVE.  Passion without Love is fruitless.  You’ve got to have love for what you do and for who you do (!!!) and if you give love, you are sure to get a WHOLE TRUCK LOAD OF LOVE BACK IN RETURN and that is never a bad thing believe me 😉

I am keeping this blog short and sweet with the moral of it being, find your passions in life because it is this that will make you live the life of your dreams.  Believe you me 😉

Keep those passions burning people for a life without passion is a life I wouldn’t want to live 🙂


One response to “You can’t get through life on looks, talent or skills alone…

  1. A great post Michelle – you are so right! Without passion we just don’t have the drive to achieve what we want in life. I know so many people who have half hearted dreams and wonder why they don’t get anywhere with them. Once we add the fuel and spark to that rocket of desire, we become unstoppable. Thank you x

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