About Me

I am a 26 year old positive, compassionate, adventurous motivational speaker with a BIG heart full of love, joy & enthusiasm, which I wish to share with you all.  I know my purpose in life is to motivate, inspire, encourage & empower others and I hope by writing on this blog I will achieve this purpose. I currently motivate the minds of young people in East London.  I aim to inspire others & make them realise how powerful they are and that they are responsible for making their dreams reality and that they CAN make their dreams reality.  My dream is to make this a reality on a global scale.  I hope you can help me on my pursuit of this.

Here are a few testimonials of what students from East London have said from working with me:

i have to say you are great motivator and a huge inspiration…
i hope your work manages to spread to corners of the word and everyone else can benefit from your knowledge and impeccable character…
thanks a million for yur support…
😛 (Hamza Khan, 17 years old, Le Swap College)

thanks michelle, its been wonderful getting to know you 2! and i love your spirit, u know with the whole knowledge and getting 2 know who you are stuff, if you must know I think you’re a beautiful person inside and out! and having a great personality is priceless! 😀
U r officially my role model…hope to see you sn xxx (Joynob Shah, 19 years old, Thames Valley Uni)

thank you. you have given me a lot of confidence and inspired me to aim high. you were the gem that held us together and the  rope that guided us to the stars. (Rofi Noor, 16 years old, St Pauls Way)

My dream is to make this a reality on a global scale.  I hope you can help me on my pursuit of this.

Please leave comments to let me know your thoughts as your feedback is greatly appreciated & will be taken on board!

ROCK & RULE!!! 🙂


9 responses to “About Me

  1. So proud of you Mich – you really are all grown up! x

  2. I am so proud of you my daughter. Well done for having achieved so much in such a short time. You simply have the ability to help anyone with your positive outlook on life. Keep on going and you will not be disappointed!!! xx

  3. Michelle – it’s SO good to see you extending your wonderful spirit of compassion and optimism through this blog!

    You know you have a talent for writing – and that talent is already shining through these pages. It’s not just what you write that will move mountains but how you write it. And what makes it so exciting for me is that knowing you and the unfailing support you’ve shown me – that what you write here is and will be authentic.

    Putting the two together – talent and authenticity – takes courage, but you’re doing it and you will surely move others. Your courage for life will inspire your readers.

    What a gift! – Thanks!

    • WOW Phil! Thanks for your moving testimony and powerful words. I am humbled by what you say. You have inspired me to be who I am today and I am grateful to you for so much. Knowing that you hold me in such high esteem and that you have such belief in me, means the world to me. Thank you 🙂

  4. wow!! you really have acquitted yourself with all this, the blog is amazing and a testament of your hard efforts!!
    You thoroughly deserve all the plaudits…. well done YOU!!

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