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MichelleMovesMountains Moves On…

This will be my first and my last blog as Michelle Moves Mountains in 2012 and indeed the future. Since I started to write this blog I have moved mountains, (obviously not in the literal sense…more in the obstacle sense!!!) trekked mountains and skied mountains and oh, what a fabulous journey it has been! I have learnt so much, achieved so much and changed so much!!! It truly has been epic and I want to take this opportunity to thank all my readers for reading my blogs and posting feedbacks of encouragement and support. You have made this blogging experience all the more worth while and enjoyable and for that I am really grateful.

A lot has changed over the past year and I believe that I can credit the blogging for helping make that a reality as it allowed me to type out my inner most thoughts and therefore speak about what I was thinking which helped put into action what I wanted to do. This included getting out of a job I did not enjoy and that made me anxious, finding out what my true talents and skills were (and therefore realising they did not lie in the job I was in!) reigniting my passion and purpose for writing, (more of that to come!) getting into my first ‘worthy’ relationship with someone who is my equal and who I trust, love and respect, getting to travel to Ecuador, Peru and Switzerland and literally climb and ski mountains as my name suggests (!) and finally becoming self employed and doing what I love which is to mentor and coach young people.

I am now ready (!!!) to move onto the next chapter of my life which is to start up my new business (of a different name to this) and deliver speaking, mentoring, careers coaching, workshops and books to help young people find their purpose, direction and their inner voice. Just like Madonna and Prince (!!!), I am reinventing myself and changing my identity as I no longer resonate with MichelleMovesMountains and it no longer feels like me. I feel that I have changed so much that I need to change my brand to fit who I have become, which is why I have to let go of MichelleMovesMountains so that I can make space for a more suitable brand, identity and mission to enter! 😉

It took doing these blogs to realise what I was good at and what I enjoyed and it would give me no greater pleasure to be able to help inspire young people to realise their potential and what they too are good at so that they lead purposeful, happy lives, which is what I have learnt to do over the past year. I hope you will join me on my next chapter and support me in any way you can as I plan to continue to share my insight and knowledge with everyone in order to truly make a difference in the world. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart, your support has been tremendous…next time you see me, I will not be moving mountains but finding that inner sparkle that makes them feel alive!!! Adios Amigos!!! 😉