Because you’re worth it…

I wasn’t planning on writing a blog today however self-worth has been playing on my mind all day and therefore I decided that the thoughts in my mind were definitely something I had to get out and share in the hope that it will touch and benefit at least one person reading it 🙂

So, here goes. It struck me, whilst sitting on the bus coming to work this morning that self-worth or more importantly the lack thereof is one of the reasons some of us go off track and tolerate with so much BS! I know that, for me, this is the case for sure. I used to have a saying, which in hindsight makes me quite sad, which was ‘Your body is your temple. I treat mine like it’s from Primark’. I used to consume junk, listen to negative self talk, gossip, bitch, drink copious amounts of alcohol or anything else to make me escape, wear cheap clothes and not really care much for my body or myself. Sad huh?! And all this stems from having low self-worth. Not believing that I deserved better or that my body was my temple. Thankfully though, this has all changed and I now treat my body with the utmost care and love and this is all because I realised my worth, my power and how much control and responsibility I had for my destiny.

This is why I believe and know that it is imperative to know your worth. Your value. Your purpose in life. Because without it you will find yourself in relationships that are not worthy of you, tolerating emotional, physical, mental and sexual abuse; in a job that doesn’t utilise your talents, skills and gifts or use your time effectively. You will find yourself procrastinating and not using your own time pro actively as you are not aware of how precious your time is and how every minute counts. You will find yourself being paid a wage, which doesn’t value your worth. You will find yourself addicted to external things as they are a means to escaping from your potential. You will be disrespected, walked over, disregarded, ignored. Tolerating rudeness, lies and inappropriate remarks. Putting up with people invading your space and touching you inappropriately. Or being crude, crass or demoralising.

Sound harsh?! It is. However, I’ve been there, done that and am sharing my story to help those who are in similar positions to make them realise that they don’t have to put up with the above. Because they are worth, oh, so much more!

Now, in order to combat this and get your self-respect and self-worth back you have to realise your value. Because you are so precious. So valuable. And so worth it. And I know this because we all are. Each and every single one of us. We were created with equal amounts of worth, value and esteem. However some of us lose sight of this whereas others do not and go on to flourish and succeed. I have fabulous friends who are so aware of how worthy they are that they do not do anything for the sake of it. As they realise how precious their time is. Another example is, when figuring out how much I should price myself for my motivational speaking, I was told that speakers usually charge £500 for half a day. Half a day! WOW! A friend of mine charges £400 for two hours work and I know of people who wont commit to anything unless they are being paid 1k for their time!

Now I am not saying that you have to charge large amounts of money in order to know your worth. What I am saying is become aware of how you perceive yourself and your worth and If it isn’t high, then learn to raise your expectations. Because my followers, you deserve to be treated with respect. You deserve to be treated with kindness. You deserve to be valued, loved and cared for. And only until you realise how worthy you are and how absolutely amaaaaaazing and awesome you are, will you be treated just the same. The saying ‘People will treat you the way you let them treat you’ is apt for this. And it’s true. So become aware of your worth, believe it and don’t put up with anything that is any less than this. Definitely, don’t settle for second best!

And as Cheryl Cole would say and now MichelleMovesMountains, ‘You are, oh, so very worth it!’ 🙂 BELIEVE 🙂

Stay tuned for the video I did on self worth to a group of 15 year old girls last week, which will be coming very soon 🙂


Your Inner Potential

Happy New Year to one and all. I trust you are all well and that your January has gotten off to a good start.

I havent written anything in a while as I have been busy concentrating on giving motivational speeches (evidence of which you can find below) and setting up my business (stay tuned for MichelleMovesMountains…) however in this time I have been learning, developing and growing and I wish to briefly share with you something that has been life changing for me and I hope it will be for you too.

It all stems around the issue of authenticity.  Being true to yourself.  Being real.  In order for one to be authentic one has to know what your talents and what your skills are.  And what your gift and purpose in life is. And it is through finding your purpose in life that everything falls into place.

I have always been talented at writing however it is only recently, through doing this blog that I realised how talented I was. I have always enjoyed performing in front of a crowd and used to get a kick out of doing plays and presentations to fellow students. It is through doing this that I realised how skilled I actually was at public speaking. And I have always had a natural gift of encouraging and motivating others. When I put these things together I realised that my purpose in life was to encourage, empower and motivate others through my presentations and speaking as well as through my writing. I also believe and know that the situations I have gone through in my life, the trials and tribulations, the struggles and the ‘negative’ experiences were all for a purpose. And this purpose was in order to be able to help others going through these similar issues in life. I was kept alive for a purpose. And it is my duty to make sure I fulfill that purpose to the best of my ability. And this is what I intend to do starting in 2011. I hope you will help me on my journey 🙂

So, start of 2011 finding out for yourselves what your talents, skills and gifts are and what it is you have been created to do. We have all be created for a specific purpose, what is yours?! 🙂

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from MichelleMovesMountains and thank you for all your support in 2010 and now. You rock my world 🙂

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Multi-Tasking is bad for the soul…

They say every woman can multi task and it is through this belief that this is our intrinsic capability I believe so many women find themselves ending up stressed.  We find ourselves answering our texts at the same time as drying our hair, answering the phone at the same time as reading our emails and even worse, responding to emails whilst talking to someone in our office!  And when we find ourselves doing this, we are only able to attend to whatever it is we are doing with only half of our attention capacity therefore giving less quality to whatever it is we are doing.  So in essence, we are giving a poorer performance overall and finding ourselves feeling dissatisfied.

It has been proven that only when we give our full attention to something are we able to get pure pleasure from it and only then are we able to give our best performance.  Hence when you are on your way home, thoughts of what you are having for dinner or what you will wear to work tomorrow are detrimental.  All that should occupy your thoughts is what is going on around you.  In that present moment.  NOW.  And by doing so, you will find yourself having a much more ‘pleasurable’ experience.  As you will be living in the present moment.

Your mind is a tool just like your leg or arm.  It ought to only be used when needed.  So, if you require your mind to help you solve a maths equation, then you can use it.  Or If you require your mind’s help to figure out which bus to get home, use it.  But in actuality, we should be relying less on our mind and more on our intuition.  As this, more often than not, will guide us the right way.

I found recently that I was getting really stressed at work.  And it was only when I took a few days off to relax, I realised that the reason I often find myself stressed is because I constantly overwhelm myself with things to do.  When I am answering one email, I am thinking about the fact that I have to organise something for the following week.  When I am at one event, I am thinking about what it is I have to do next.  When I am listening to what a colleague is saying, I am actually thinking of all the other things I have to do that day.

I then realised I had to STOP! I was finding myself crashing and burning way too often and my stress levels were constantly HIGH. And its the simple strategy of giving your full energy and attention to one thing at a time that was the solution.  When a colleague asked to speak to me, I stopped what I was doing and listened.  When I was organising an event, I put my full attention in to the organisation.  When I was watching a film, I turned off my phone and switched off my computer and fully engaged in watching the film.

It was through doing this that I noticed my stress levels decreased, my happiness increased and my peace of mind stablised.  They say and now I say that all these different means of communication are damaging to us.  And it is true.  We are constantly listening out for the beep of our phone and worrying about our next email that we are no longer paying attention to the HERE and NOW.  To life as it is.  And this in essence is decreasing our enjoyment of life and we are no longer flowing through life naturally.

My message from this blog is simple.  Its all about QUALITY, not QUANTITY.  Keep it simple and attend to one thing fully at a time and once you have dealt with that thing, then and only then, move onto the next.  You will find yourself feeling far more satisfied after you have accomplished each thing so that you can move onto the next thing feeling no resentment or dissatisfaction.

And in the words of David Servan Schreiber ‘With the power of our attention alone, we can transform each moment, each relationship, in the same way that alchemists tried to turn lead into gold.’

ACcePt YoURsELf 4 da ASseT u R! ;)

My mum is a domestic, maternal Goddess.  My best friend Danni is a fun, fearless dog walker (as well as a fabulous cook and host!)  Dolly is a giggly, bubbly, avid traveller (who loves to read and write and has a real passion for English.)  Darling Leanne is a sweet, sensible, organised Mary Poppins type. Shanaz is an ambitous go getter with a heart of gold who cares for everyone and is a real family girl.  Dilsana is a style queen who you can always count on to be looking most glam.  And Jonakey is a right laugh who is as confident as she is mischievous.  And then theres me.  Little Miss Motivator.  The one everyone turns to for a dose of positivity when they are feeling down.  Who has big dreams of stardom and becoming the next Oprah (!!!)

And why is it that I am telling you this?!  Well, its because within every friendship group you have the one you turn to when you feel troubled, the one you turn to for style advice and the one you turn to to find out where the hell it is you are going!!! In every friendship group you have a loud, mouthy one; a wild, rebellious one; a sensible, sweet one and a funny, joker one.  And just as they have their strengths, they also have their weaknesses.  You may not necessarily turn to the one who offers you a tequilla shot at every opportunity for some TLC.  Or a booze free holiday in an Ashram! And this is because we are different.  We are all unique.  And we all have our own different, unique talents and skills.  And it is these unique talents and skills and character attributes and personalities that complement one another and make friendships work.  If we were all the same, not only would it be dull and you wouldn’t learn anything new but it would also be a nightmare to get anywhere or get anything done!!!  And can you imagine if there were five, opinionated, loud mouthy girls in a friendship group?!?! You wouldn’t get a word in edgewise!

It is in identifying and accepting the fact that we all have our own strengths and weaknesses that we realise where it is that we are an asset and of value.  And also where it is that that we fall short.  But don’t beat yourself up on areas where you are less than expert.  We are allowed to have short comings.  And weaknesses.  No human is perfect.  That’s what makes us humans.  It’s the simple act of identifying and then playing to your strengths as opposed to your weaknesses that makes life flow and come naturally.

When we are young, we are aware of what it is that we are good at, where are strengths and passions lie and what it is that we are destined to do.  We are not afraid to dream and yearn for everything we would like to see happen in our lives.  But as time passes, what often occurs is our dreams are squashed by the media, our peers, our families and in the end ourselves and we end up doing jobs that we are semi good at and we semi enjoy if at all just to pay the bills/because its easy/because we are comfortable doing it or because it looks good.  When I was a little girl I dreamed of being a famous actress or a chat show host such as Ricki Lake!  And although that dream got squashed and dampened for a while, my dream has been reignited and I see no reason why I can not become the next Oprah Winfrey (!!!) and motivate the masses and empower the youth.  No reason at all 😉

In the same way you are an asset to your friendship group due to your humour or your encylopedic knowledge you are also an asset to a career due to your talent in writing, acting or cooking or your skills in photography, languages and dancing.  And If you don’t utilise these skills and talents in the place where you spend a large majority of your life, your career, then these skills and talents will go to waste and the masses won’t get to benefit from them.

In getting to know me and finding out where my skills and talents lie, I have realised that whilst I am great at empowering, motivating and inspiring others, I am not so great at hosting, organising and dealing with stress (I implode and explode at the same time whilst turning purple when theres information overload!)  Cooking also does not come naturally to me (much to my mother’s despair ;)) And I may be the only woman in the world who can’t multitask well.  I literally find it hard to walk and talk at the same time!!! ;)But I can speak confidently in front of a crowd of 200 young people no problem.  And write a book.  And guide  and support someone through distressing, traumatic times.  This is where my strengths lie.  Just as my mum’s strengths lie in looking after others and making them feel cosy.   But she wouldnt do so well being a DJ.  And Danni’s lie in looking after animals but she wouldnt be best suited to being a kids entertainer.  Especially if the kids were unruly!!! 😉

The moral of my story is for you to identify your skills and talents and see whether you are utilising them on a day to day basis.  As it is within your skills and talents that you destiny lies.  And as stated in Paolo Coello’s ‘The Alchemist this is your reason for Being.  Your mission on Earth.  Your only real obligation.  And when you want something, all the Universe will conspire for you to achieve it. So go get ’em tiger!!! 😉

A final note though.  Dont beat yourself up if you are not in a job that doesnt utilise your skills and talents.  Be grateful for what is and be grateful for the moment and know that you are where you are supposed to be right now preparing yourself for the greatness that will surely come.

Be You.  Be Younique.  Be positive :):):)

Love you all xxx

Will the Real Michelle please stand up?!

It’s recently been brought to my attention that I am a people pleaser.  Be it my mum, my friends, my work colleagues, men or even strangers on the street.  I aim to please.  And in doing so I make people happy and lots of people love me.  But in the same breath, by doing so I deny my own happiness and therefore have built up a wall of resistance to my own happiness.  Which has culminated in me reaching a breaking point of rawness and hurt.  Because my needs and pleasures have not been met all these years.  And by years, I am talking years and years and years as this is probably something I picked up from childhood as a strategy to get people to like me.  Sad but true.

By writing this blog, I appreciate this is making me vulnerable and open to hurt but If I am going to help others, I have to be real and true to me.  I have never claimed to be perfect in my blog posts and don’t ever want for people to see me as so.  I am human and I have flaws. I may be able to give wise, sound advice to others and inspire and motivate but I still am a work in progress and still have lots to learn.

I spent the majority of my teens comparing myself to others.  Believing that If I were more like this person I would be accepted.  Or If I were less like this next person I would be more accepted.  Little did I realise that the first person who had to accept me for me was in fact me.  And in not doing so I spent many years trying to be more like this or that so that this person or that person would like me. Hence denying my true self to the world.

But enough is enough.  The people pleasing must stop.  And its time to get a bit selfish and start pleasing me.  My needs deserve to be met.  I deserve to be happy.  Self acceptance is key.  To know and accept yourself, flaws and all is vital.  So that when someone comes along and says they don’t like something about you, you look them straight in the eye and say ‘Oh well!  That’s me.  Either deal with it or JOG ON!’ There’s a quote by Dr Seuss that resonates deeply with me, which is ‘Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter, don’t mind’

Don’t ever feel like you have to change yourself for anyone.  And don’t apologise for being you.  You were created with a purpose in mind and were created to be yourself for a reason.  Oscar Wilde famously said ‘Be yourself! Everyone else is already taken.’  There’s no one quite like you on this Earth.  No one.  And isn’t that wonderful?  That you are unique and only you know you the best!?

In writing this blog it has played on my mind that being so revealing could be a disadvantage to me.  As I have always been told not to reveal so much of myself, especially to men as it isn’t deemed to be attractive.  Well I now take a different view-point.  I think it’s incredibly attractive and refreshing when someone knows themself so well and hasn’t got issue with the fact that they do in fact have flaws.  As yes, we are human and not even Obama is perfect.  It’s a breath of fresh air to be so REAL!

So I am going to make a stand and lay it out clear.  I am Michelle.  I am ambitious, thoughtful, endearing, compassionate and kind.  I am understanding, adventurous, fun and loving.  I am independent, grateful, confident, intuitive and positive.  I am open, intelligent and easy-going.  But I am also over sensitive, emotional, introverted and intense.  I am all or nothing.  There is no grey area with me.  I wear my heart on my sleeve.  I am shy around men I fancy.  I am a deep, analytical thinker.  I have fears like most people.  My time and organisation skills are not my strong points.  I can be moody.  I can be indecisive.  And I can be incredibly blonde and say incredibly blonde things! 😉

But I am an inspiration.  I am amazing.  And I am aware of the power I possess and the potential I hold.  So I am ready to stop apologising for my flaws and start accepting them as part of what makes me.  And the reason why I decided it was a good idea to lay my heart bare and be open was because I want for you to realise that everyone has flaws so start accepting them rather than denying them.  Start loving them rather than hating them.  And start loving you rather than the opposite.

My message is clear.  Please do not compare yourself to others and put others on a pedestal.  Because no one is perfect.  Least of all me.  The amount of tears I have cried in my short life, is enough to start a flood here in London!  I have moments of doubt, insecurity and low self-esteem.  And I am fearful of relationships with men.  So don’t feel alone.  Don’t feel afraid.  Because you’re not alone.

Accept yourself.  Be yourself.  And don’t ever apologise for being you.  And If people don’t like you for you, you know what to say right?!

‘JOG ON!!!!’

Be yourself.  Be proud.  Be younique!

Stop people pleasing.  Start self pleasing 😉

Much love, Michelle xxx

A Jack of all Trades, a Master of None…

It was just recently that I did a motivational speech to a group of 16-17 year olds and I asked the question, ‘who here can tell me what their talents are or what they are skilled at?!’  The question was returned with a deathly silence.  Not one student was able to tell me a talent or skill that they possessed.  I thought to myself, maybe this is due to shyness so I pressed on with the speech and asked other questions to which I got a much better response so I thought to ask the original question again, ‘What are your talents and skills?’  Again, nothing.  I pressed them further and asked whether due to the fact that some of them studied I.T. they would say they were skilled in I.T.  And again, you guessed it, nothing 😦  Now either this is an example of the fact that our young people are not confident and proud enough of their skills and talents in order to share them or we have young people who are not even aware of what their talents and skills are!  Either way, we have a problem considering these young people are our future leaders!

So, this got me to thinking about how important it is to know what your talents, skills and gifts are and once this has been acknowledged, how important it is to nurture, develop and master them.  Because in doing so, you will ultimately be living in purpose.  And when living in purpose, you will face no resistance to what is and life will flow easily and naturally.

The vital aspect is knowing what your talents and gifts are.  And by this I mean, knowing deep down that you are a talented singer, fashion designer, actress, business man, footballer etc and not just doing it because all your friends are, or because it’s the cool thing to do or because your family want for you to do it.  Don’t chase after something that is not yours to chase because you will only end up falling on your face (Ha! I’m a poet and I so know it!!! :p)  You were created uniquely so don’t be a follower.  Be you.  Be ‘younique’.  And be proud.

Let me give you an example.  Now as you may be aware, I am a massive X Factor fan.  This programme gives me a great amount of pleasure to watch but is also a good example of people chasing after gifts that they do not possess in order to be famous or gratified in some way.  You shouldn’t have to chase after your gift.  Your gift is inside you ready for you to access and once you have accessed it, therein lies your treasure.  The people who go on this show who are not necessarily very talented in singing may have gifts that lie in finance, artistry, hospitality, administration or teaching but due to resisting these gifts and wanting other gifts they do not find success.  So, the key here is to accept your gifts no matter what they are and be proud of them as it is your gifts that make you successful; your gifts that will bring you riches and your gifts that will allow for you to live a happy, purposeful life.  Therefore, accepting what is, is key.

This reminds me of the story of the two young boys who were playing with rocks in the desert when some explorers came and offered the boys some candy for the rocks they were playing with.  The boys happily exchanged their rocks only to realise that the rocks they were playing with were in fact diamonds!

This is why it is so vital for you to know what your gifts are so that they you don’t give them away without realising it.  Your gifts could lie in writing, playing a musical instrument, your wisdom, your organisation, your voice, your knowledge or your leadership.  Once you are aware of them master them and focus on them and don’t waste your time on things that your strengths do not lie in.

What is even worse than not being aware of your talents and your gifts is being aware of them and then not acting on them! This is such a shame! A gift & talent without action is a gift & talent not worth you having.  It’s like having lots of pretty clothes in your cupboard but only wearing the same pair of jeans and jumper each and every day.  Or having thousands of pounds in the bank but spending like a miser.  Or having lots of delicious food in your cupboards but eating Pot Noodle every night! Don’t keep your talents and gifts inside the box.  You have been given these talents in order to share them with the world and by hiding them away, you are not doing yourself any favours and denying us the benefits.  Russell Simmons was quoted as saying,

“Your purpose is to act on the resources God gives you. If God gives you a bucket of fish, you have to distribute those fish. If you don’t, they’re going to rot, attract a bunch of flies, and start stinking up your soul.”

I couldn’t have put it better myself!  Furthermore, If you don’t do so, then someone with a similar talent will just come along and reap all the rewards you yourself could have had.  Your talents won’t be taken away if you don’t use them.  Oh no! Someone else will just benefit from them instead of you!  Now if that isn’t incentive to take action I don’t know what is!

Abraham Maslow said, “What one can be, one must be” And he’s right.  You have been created with a specific purpose in mind and to resist this is to cause yourself suffering and pain.  To accept this is to accept what is and doors of opportunity will be opened for you and life will flow as it is meant to.

The reason I am able to say all this with ease, confidence and clarity is because I am living proof that once you become aware of your gifts and live in purpose, life falls into place.  3 months ago I became aware that my unwavering faith, my writing skills and my encouraging character were in fact gifts that I had been blessed with.  Once I realised this and became confident and sure in them, I put them into action and the result of this is the fact that I now write a successful blog, am a motivational speaker to young people, which uses my public speaking skills as well as my passion of empowerment and am a mentor to young people in London.  And my faith in the knowledge that I would be a success and positive things would come to me has allowed for this to happen.  I never once gave up.  I always believed in the fact that I was going to make it one day and once I realised my gifts and my purpose, this all came naturally.

So the message of this blog is clear.  Work out what your gifts are.  And be honest and true to yourself with them.  Accept them and yourself for what they are and know that it is these gifts that will bring you your fortunes.  Don’t be chasing after gifts that are not yours and therefore being a Jack of all Trades & a Master of None.  And once you are aware of your gifts, take action because as Jesus once said,

“If you bring forth what is inside you, what you bring forth will save you. If you don’t bring forth what is inside you, what you don’t bring forth will destroy you.”