What’s self love got to do with it?! Errr…everything!

href=”https://michellemovesmountains.files.wordpress.com/2011/02/make-love-and-war.jpg”>Following on from my blog about self worth, I am now going to take things a stage further and chose this day of St Valentine’s and day of ‘love’ to write a blog about dating, my experiences (!!!) and what I have learnt from it all (!!) And my ex boyfriends have no reason to fret as I dont plan on dishing the dirt on them per se. I feel no bitterness or resentment to any ex boyfriend and wish them all well and hope that they are all happy in their lives today. This blog is more about my journey of self discovery and what I have learnt from my encounters with the opposite sex and what my message is to all young girls and boys about to embark into the world of dating, relationships and love 🙂

I have had four serious relationships in my life The first being at 18 and the last one ending spectacularly at 25. And prior to this age, I was very keen to be in a relationship and therefore was looking for love in all the wrong places. Losing my father at a young age meant that I was often looking for a ‘father figure’ or at best a male to fill the ‘hole’ left by the death of my dad. Every relationship I went into I believed would fill that hole. And every relationship I came out of left an even bigger hole. And this is not the fault of any of my ex boyfriends. I dont blame anyone for how I felt in the past. It just serves as a reminder that I wasnt ready for any of these relationships or able to love any of them unconditionally as one ought to within a relationship.

And the reason for this was because I didnt love myself. And had very low self worth so tolerated behaviours that were not worthy of me or loving in any sense of the word. It took me to the deteoriation of my last relationship for me to take stock of my life, put things into perspective and take time out of the dating scene, which I should have done years before. I realised that I was attracting the men and relationships I had encountered due to me not being fully together or truly, madly, deeply in love with myself.

Therefore, over the past two years I have spent time getting to know me and falling in love with myself again (as corny as that sounds!) And that is the message and moral that I hope to impart with the followers of my blog. That until you truly love yourself, realise your self worth and what you deserve, you are not ready to be in a romantic relationship of any kind. Dont depend on a man’s love of you to make you love yourself. Cos it doesnt work like that. You have to love you FIRST before someone else can truly love and appreciate you. And without that self love and self worth, any romantic relationship that you find yourself in will not be healthy.

To my younger readers, I want you to know this. Dont rush into a relationship because everyone else is. Only do it once you feel it is right and you feel ready. Because by rushing anything will only cause longer term problems. The motto ‘Pay now, play later’ rings true. Spend time getting to know yourself, what your likes and dislikes are and what you will tolerate before entering a relationship. It will pay off in the long run. Preparation is key. The longer you spend figuring yourself out, the healthier a relationship you will have further on down the line. And truly love yourself. And treat yourself constantly. Because you deserve it and in doing so, you will teach others how to treat you.

I have reached an age, a season and a time when I can honestly say that I am ready for a romantic relationship because I know Michelle Pritchard inside out, I have overcome the various issues I have had within life and love myself MAHOOOOOOOOSIVELY. And to add to that I know my worth therefore will not tolerate a man cheating, lying, disrespecting or abusing me in any way. Because when you are an empowered woman of worth you repel any form of negativity, BS or ridiculousness. I am far too valuable for a waste man 😉

So whoever the next man is to be in a relationship with me is going to be very lucky indeed as he will enjoy the harvest, a culmination of everything I have learnt over the past 10 years and more. And lets be honest, who wouldnt adore me?! I am totally loveable and cute 😉

Happy Valentines Day to all, single or coupled up. If you are single, spend the day affirming how much you love YOU and be happy for those who have found love with another, not bitter because your time will come when you are ready for it. And remember every day is a day to be in love with you, your partner and everyone around you. Cos love is AWESOME. Love is GREAT. And love does indeed make the world go round. The Beatles were right when they said ‘All you need is love’ Lots of love 🙂
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One response to “What’s self love got to do with it?! Errr…everything!

  1. What an awsome piece of writing. You are a star in making and I am so proud of you, how you have coped with life in general. From a little girl, writing stories about the nailbiting episode to What’s self love got to do with it, is amazing. Keep the writing up and just onwards and upwards! x

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