Because you’re worth it…

I wasn’t planning on writing a blog today however self-worth has been playing on my mind all day and therefore I decided that the thoughts in my mind were definitely something I had to get out and share in the hope that it will touch and benefit at least one person reading it 🙂

So, here goes. It struck me, whilst sitting on the bus coming to work this morning that self-worth or more importantly the lack thereof is one of the reasons some of us go off track and tolerate with so much BS! I know that, for me, this is the case for sure. I used to have a saying, which in hindsight makes me quite sad, which was ‘Your body is your temple. I treat mine like it’s from Primark’. I used to consume junk, listen to negative self talk, gossip, bitch, drink copious amounts of alcohol or anything else to make me escape, wear cheap clothes and not really care much for my body or myself. Sad huh?! And all this stems from having low self-worth. Not believing that I deserved better or that my body was my temple. Thankfully though, this has all changed and I now treat my body with the utmost care and love and this is all because I realised my worth, my power and how much control and responsibility I had for my destiny.

This is why I believe and know that it is imperative to know your worth. Your value. Your purpose in life. Because without it you will find yourself in relationships that are not worthy of you, tolerating emotional, physical, mental and sexual abuse; in a job that doesn’t utilise your talents, skills and gifts or use your time effectively. You will find yourself procrastinating and not using your own time pro actively as you are not aware of how precious your time is and how every minute counts. You will find yourself being paid a wage, which doesn’t value your worth. You will find yourself addicted to external things as they are a means to escaping from your potential. You will be disrespected, walked over, disregarded, ignored. Tolerating rudeness, lies and inappropriate remarks. Putting up with people invading your space and touching you inappropriately. Or being crude, crass or demoralising.

Sound harsh?! It is. However, I’ve been there, done that and am sharing my story to help those who are in similar positions to make them realise that they don’t have to put up with the above. Because they are worth, oh, so much more!

Now, in order to combat this and get your self-respect and self-worth back you have to realise your value. Because you are so precious. So valuable. And so worth it. And I know this because we all are. Each and every single one of us. We were created with equal amounts of worth, value and esteem. However some of us lose sight of this whereas others do not and go on to flourish and succeed. I have fabulous friends who are so aware of how worthy they are that they do not do anything for the sake of it. As they realise how precious their time is. Another example is, when figuring out how much I should price myself for my motivational speaking, I was told that speakers usually charge £500 for half a day. Half a day! WOW! A friend of mine charges £400 for two hours work and I know of people who wont commit to anything unless they are being paid 1k for their time!

Now I am not saying that you have to charge large amounts of money in order to know your worth. What I am saying is become aware of how you perceive yourself and your worth and If it isn’t high, then learn to raise your expectations. Because my followers, you deserve to be treated with respect. You deserve to be treated with kindness. You deserve to be valued, loved and cared for. And only until you realise how worthy you are and how absolutely amaaaaaazing and awesome you are, will you be treated just the same. The saying ‘People will treat you the way you let them treat you’ is apt for this. And it’s true. So become aware of your worth, believe it and don’t put up with anything that is any less than this. Definitely, don’t settle for second best!

And as Cheryl Cole would say and now MichelleMovesMountains, ‘You are, oh, so very worth it!’ 🙂 BELIEVE 🙂

Stay tuned for the video I did on self worth to a group of 15 year old girls last week, which will be coming very soon 🙂


2 responses to “Because you’re worth it…

  1. Such amazingly true words – how can we expect others to realise our true worth if we don’t appreciate it ourselves? What a well written and thought out post that everyone can learn from… :o)

  2. a lot of deep thinking on your bus journey! Quite agree you need to have self worth, self esteem. But as you progress through life and go through decades of life, have loads of different life experiences I think you end up looking differently at yourself when you are 30 in comparisom to when you were 16. We tend to be more positive at 30 than at 16, and its this mind set we need to show to ‘younger’ people especially young girls. Postive thinking has soooo many benefits including increasing ‘self-worth’.

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