Multi-Tasking is bad for the soul…

They say every woman can multi task and it is through this belief that this is our intrinsic capability I believe so many women find themselves ending up stressed.  We find ourselves answering our texts at the same time as drying our hair, answering the phone at the same time as reading our emails and even worse, responding to emails whilst talking to someone in our office!  And when we find ourselves doing this, we are only able to attend to whatever it is we are doing with only half of our attention capacity therefore giving less quality to whatever it is we are doing.  So in essence, we are giving a poorer performance overall and finding ourselves feeling dissatisfied.

It has been proven that only when we give our full attention to something are we able to get pure pleasure from it and only then are we able to give our best performance.  Hence when you are on your way home, thoughts of what you are having for dinner or what you will wear to work tomorrow are detrimental.  All that should occupy your thoughts is what is going on around you.  In that present moment.  NOW.  And by doing so, you will find yourself having a much more ‘pleasurable’ experience.  As you will be living in the present moment.

Your mind is a tool just like your leg or arm.  It ought to only be used when needed.  So, if you require your mind to help you solve a maths equation, then you can use it.  Or If you require your mind’s help to figure out which bus to get home, use it.  But in actuality, we should be relying less on our mind and more on our intuition.  As this, more often than not, will guide us the right way.

I found recently that I was getting really stressed at work.  And it was only when I took a few days off to relax, I realised that the reason I often find myself stressed is because I constantly overwhelm myself with things to do.  When I am answering one email, I am thinking about the fact that I have to organise something for the following week.  When I am at one event, I am thinking about what it is I have to do next.  When I am listening to what a colleague is saying, I am actually thinking of all the other things I have to do that day.

I then realised I had to STOP! I was finding myself crashing and burning way too often and my stress levels were constantly HIGH. And its the simple strategy of giving your full energy and attention to one thing at a time that was the solution.  When a colleague asked to speak to me, I stopped what I was doing and listened.  When I was organising an event, I put my full attention in to the organisation.  When I was watching a film, I turned off my phone and switched off my computer and fully engaged in watching the film.

It was through doing this that I noticed my stress levels decreased, my happiness increased and my peace of mind stablised.  They say and now I say that all these different means of communication are damaging to us.  And it is true.  We are constantly listening out for the beep of our phone and worrying about our next email that we are no longer paying attention to the HERE and NOW.  To life as it is.  And this in essence is decreasing our enjoyment of life and we are no longer flowing through life naturally.

My message from this blog is simple.  Its all about QUALITY, not QUANTITY.  Keep it simple and attend to one thing fully at a time and once you have dealt with that thing, then and only then, move onto the next.  You will find yourself feeling far more satisfied after you have accomplished each thing so that you can move onto the next thing feeling no resentment or dissatisfaction.

And in the words of David Servan Schreiber ‘With the power of our attention alone, we can transform each moment, each relationship, in the same way that alchemists tried to turn lead into gold.’


One response to “Multi-Tasking is bad for the soul…

  1. A very well timed message for me Michelle. I have been feeling very overwhelmed lately and this has been a great reminder for me to slow down and be present with the task at hand before I move on to the next. I have a day working at home tomorrow so with some peace and quiet, I look forward to putting this into practice!

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