ACcePt YoURsELf 4 da ASseT u R! ;)

My mum is a domestic, maternal Goddess.  My best friend Danni is a fun, fearless dog walker (as well as a fabulous cook and host!)  Dolly is a giggly, bubbly, avid traveller (who loves to read and write and has a real passion for English.)  Darling Leanne is a sweet, sensible, organised Mary Poppins type. Shanaz is an ambitous go getter with a heart of gold who cares for everyone and is a real family girl.  Dilsana is a style queen who you can always count on to be looking most glam.  And Jonakey is a right laugh who is as confident as she is mischievous.  And then theres me.  Little Miss Motivator.  The one everyone turns to for a dose of positivity when they are feeling down.  Who has big dreams of stardom and becoming the next Oprah (!!!)

And why is it that I am telling you this?!  Well, its because within every friendship group you have the one you turn to when you feel troubled, the one you turn to for style advice and the one you turn to to find out where the hell it is you are going!!! In every friendship group you have a loud, mouthy one; a wild, rebellious one; a sensible, sweet one and a funny, joker one.  And just as they have their strengths, they also have their weaknesses.  You may not necessarily turn to the one who offers you a tequilla shot at every opportunity for some TLC.  Or a booze free holiday in an Ashram! And this is because we are different.  We are all unique.  And we all have our own different, unique talents and skills.  And it is these unique talents and skills and character attributes and personalities that complement one another and make friendships work.  If we were all the same, not only would it be dull and you wouldn’t learn anything new but it would also be a nightmare to get anywhere or get anything done!!!  And can you imagine if there were five, opinionated, loud mouthy girls in a friendship group?!?! You wouldn’t get a word in edgewise!

It is in identifying and accepting the fact that we all have our own strengths and weaknesses that we realise where it is that we are an asset and of value.  And also where it is that that we fall short.  But don’t beat yourself up on areas where you are less than expert.  We are allowed to have short comings.  And weaknesses.  No human is perfect.  That’s what makes us humans.  It’s the simple act of identifying and then playing to your strengths as opposed to your weaknesses that makes life flow and come naturally.

When we are young, we are aware of what it is that we are good at, where are strengths and passions lie and what it is that we are destined to do.  We are not afraid to dream and yearn for everything we would like to see happen in our lives.  But as time passes, what often occurs is our dreams are squashed by the media, our peers, our families and in the end ourselves and we end up doing jobs that we are semi good at and we semi enjoy if at all just to pay the bills/because its easy/because we are comfortable doing it or because it looks good.  When I was a little girl I dreamed of being a famous actress or a chat show host such as Ricki Lake!  And although that dream got squashed and dampened for a while, my dream has been reignited and I see no reason why I can not become the next Oprah Winfrey (!!!) and motivate the masses and empower the youth.  No reason at all 😉

In the same way you are an asset to your friendship group due to your humour or your encylopedic knowledge you are also an asset to a career due to your talent in writing, acting or cooking or your skills in photography, languages and dancing.  And If you don’t utilise these skills and talents in the place where you spend a large majority of your life, your career, then these skills and talents will go to waste and the masses won’t get to benefit from them.

In getting to know me and finding out where my skills and talents lie, I have realised that whilst I am great at empowering, motivating and inspiring others, I am not so great at hosting, organising and dealing with stress (I implode and explode at the same time whilst turning purple when theres information overload!)  Cooking also does not come naturally to me (much to my mother’s despair ;)) And I may be the only woman in the world who can’t multitask well.  I literally find it hard to walk and talk at the same time!!! ;)But I can speak confidently in front of a crowd of 200 young people no problem.  And write a book.  And guide  and support someone through distressing, traumatic times.  This is where my strengths lie.  Just as my mum’s strengths lie in looking after others and making them feel cosy.   But she wouldnt do so well being a DJ.  And Danni’s lie in looking after animals but she wouldnt be best suited to being a kids entertainer.  Especially if the kids were unruly!!! 😉

The moral of my story is for you to identify your skills and talents and see whether you are utilising them on a day to day basis.  As it is within your skills and talents that you destiny lies.  And as stated in Paolo Coello’s ‘The Alchemist this is your reason for Being.  Your mission on Earth.  Your only real obligation.  And when you want something, all the Universe will conspire for you to achieve it. So go get ’em tiger!!! 😉

A final note though.  Dont beat yourself up if you are not in a job that doesnt utilise your skills and talents.  Be grateful for what is and be grateful for the moment and know that you are where you are supposed to be right now preparing yourself for the greatness that will surely come.

Be You.  Be Younique.  Be positive :):):)

Love you all xxx


2 responses to “ACcePt YoURsELf 4 da ASseT u R! ;)

  1. well done Michelle, again you spoke from your heart and with a passion that not many people can do. Oprah here you have a rival, just wait for another year and you will have a match.

    Great writing, keep it up.
    Mum xxx

  2. Loved it!!!! Definately speaking from the heart, and I can literally picture you saying all those things in person, you’re fab and loved being featured in the blog too 😉 xxx

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