Remotivating the Demotivated

Working within a school, which teaches 11-18 year olds, I am very aware of the varying motivation levels across the board.  Typically you find that the younger years are full of a zest and enthusiasm for life with motivation up to the eyeballs but the further you get through the school, this motivation level drops to the extent that you get sixth formers who have so little motivation that it is a struggle for them to get out of bed in the morning to come to college and they operate on autopilot following the same routine each and every day.  When I sat and thought about why it is that we are faced with such a high majority of de-motivated people, which in turn is affecting our youth’s levels of motivation, it struck me that the primary cause for this is the fact that so many of us are unaware of what our ‘purpose’ in life is hence we end up in jobs that are not using our skills and talents and doing things that we are not passionate about.  I so often come across people of my age who come Sunday night, complain about going to work Monday morning and when asked about their job they say they hate it and only do it to pay the bills.  This attitude saddens and to a certain extent frustrates me.  If you hate something so much, why do you stick at it?!  Why don’t you change the situation?! It was then that I realised another reason as to why there is such high levels of de-motivation evident today. People don’t realise and are unaware of the power they possess. The third and final reason I can think of as to why there is so much de-motivation in society today is due to a term I like to call ‘dream squashing’ and by this I mean one’s dreams, hopes and aspirations in life being squashed by another or by your culture or by the media.  Once this dream is squashed life doesn’t seem as fun anymore and is replaced by a ‘can’t be bothered’ attitude.  I am here today & I believe it is one of my purposes in life to reignite people’s passions, aspirations and dreams so that they can be RE-MOTIVATED NOT DE-MOTIVATED.

It is my belief that we all have a purpose within life.  A calling.  Something specific we are meant to do with our lives.  Once this purpose is realised, life takes on a sense of direction and when living in your purpose, you feel a sense of fulfilment.  You feel like everything falls into place and makes SENSE to you.  I confidently know what my purpose is.  My purpose is to empower and motivate young people to realise their potential and self-worth.  I know this is my purpose like I know the sky is blue and the earth is round.  I am so confident in this and I live and breathe and sleep this purpose each and every day.  Now, although I havent always been fully aware of what my purpose was, it has been evident throughout my life that encouraging and helping others has always been something I have been very good at and has been something I have enjoyed.  It wasn’t till recently that I stumbled across the realisation that combining something I am passionate about with something that I am good at could be a wise move.  And this is how I found my purpose.  And is what I recommend you do yourself to find out yours.  What are you good at? What are your skills? And what do you feel really passionately and strongly about?  Your answer(s) ‘should’ give you the motivation to move forward through life.

The next point I wish to talk about is realising your power and your potential.  Firstly let me start by saying, you are amazing.  Like reeeeeeeaaaaaaaalllly amazing!  Like super duper oooompa loooompa amaaaaaaazing!  And you were created with so much power and potential inside you.  Like limitless amounts.  Yet throughout life this power has become hidden and you no longer are fully aware of the power you possess.  Instead of behaving like the powerful person that you are, you find yourself following the crowd  and doing what your peers do.  Which is such a shame as then you are no longer living your life, fulfilling your dreams and your ambitions.  You are living everyone elses.  The way to combat this is to relinquish your power.  Become aware once more of how powerful and amazing you are.  Yes, you! And with this power in mind, take responsibility for your life and make it happen.  Don’t wait for anyone else to do it for you.  Because, believe you me, you will be waiting a very long time If you do.  You have the power to make your dreams a reality.  So make it happen!

Which leads nicely onto my final point of this blog.  Dream Squashing.  A term I created to describe what happens when dreams are killed by peers, culture, media etc. When I was a little girl I wanted to be an actress so badly.  I would write my own plays.  Direct them and perform in them.  And I would always be the star of the show.  And my parents and friend’s parents would tell me that I was a star in the making and would be a massive success.  I was part of so many drama productions and theatre companies and was so passionate about drama and also very good at it.  But once I hit senior school, this dream was lost.  It became hidden amongst all the angst and teenage bullying that is all to evident within secondary schools.  I had lost my sense of power.  My sense of life entitlement.   If you have not yet found security in yourself, your dreams will vanish just like that.

That is…. until…. NOW.  When I tell you that YOU are in control of your destiny.  You can make your dreams an actuality.  And YOU are powerful enough to put into action whatever you dream.  So stop the pity party (or PRITCHY PARTY when referring to me!) and get out there and take responsiblity of your life.  Your here.  Your now.  And make it HAPPEN.  Cos no one else is going to do it for you.  Let that be a MOTIVATOR for you.  The fact that If you sit there waiting around for someone to make your life the way you want it, you will get one very sore backside 😉

Dreams are dreamt for us to realise the possibilities available for us in our future.  So make them happen.  Don’t end up like the homeless man sitting on the box asking for change without even realising that he is sitting on a box of gold.

You are who you say you are.

So say you are MOTIVATED! 🙂


6 responses to “Remotivating the Demotivated

  1. You really do have a way for words and that was very motivational! xx

  2. Thought prevoking and inspiring – you are passionate about your purpose in life and this can only be good for all the young people you meet. I know you wont let your dream be squashed; I look forward to hearing more as you build a future for yourself by helping others to build their’s.

  3. ‘Live what you love’ is the only way forward, you’re doing this and I’m trying to!

  4. This is an amazing article. There are SO MANY GREAT point that you make here. I believe you could turn this into a book if you wanted. Its amazing how the people that are pursuing their passion rarely (if ever) complain about work or have a lack of motivation. The problem with schools is that the model is broken. Many years ago schools were built to create factory workers. Uniformity (not ones uniqueness) was enforced. Schooling from 9-5. One teacher presiding over many students (one boss over workers). These things sound familiar? People have always desired to exercise what makes them unique. The educational model is out dated and doesn’t allow this. Therefore, people suffer from a lack of motivation….Sorry about writing you a book on the subject but I think you really hit some huge points. Live your life. Be unique. Most people in the world settle for being ordinary. Put a little bit ‘extra’ into your life and become “extraordinary”. Thanks Michelle!

    You should check out an earlier blog I did on this topic. Here’s the link

  5. It was good to see you put this blog into ation today – the young people you worked with were challanged by your session but grew as a result and really enjoyed it. It was also good to see you take on the challenge, overcome your nerves and fly. Well done Michelle – here’s to the next time!

  6. I definitely want you to talk about this at our next 6th form assembly at school…

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