A tea with two sugars and milk please…

It occurred to me whilst making some colleagues cups of teas today that life and how you are treated in it is very similar to how you like your tea.  By this I mean, everyone has their own preference to how they like their tea and your tea is usually best made by yourself as you can’t control that someone else will make your tea just to your liking.  This is just like life.  In the same way that you ask for your tea to be made in a certain way (I like mine in between weak & strong with two sugars and a fraction of milk If anyones asking!!) you can ask for your life and the way you are treated in it to be a certain way.  Now before I hear protests of, but it’s not that simple Michelle & you don’t know the circumstances I am in, I want to say in as compassionate a way as possible, it is that simple, you are in control, you make life what it is and you have the power.  Simple.  Regardless of your background or current circumstances, you are in control of the situation.  The same way as you are in control of how you have your tea.  As soon as you find yourself not in control of the situation/how you have your tea, it’s time to walk away from that situation.  Be empowered.  Be in control.  Its your life/tea.  So have it how you want it!

Just like I don’t like my tea too strong with no sugar in it, I don’t like heavy metal music or finance.  And just like I like my tea sweet I love learning about self-development & listening to dubstep.  And the same goes for everyone else.  Not everyone likes sweet tea/milky tea.  And wouldn’t the world be a boring place If we all had the same preferences?!?

And just like you ask for two sugars not one in your tea because you like it, ask for people to call you when they are running late or see you once a month because this is what you like.  Again, everyone is different so in order to know what you like, you have to ask.  This way you can attempt to get more of what you do like in your life and less of what you don’t.

Therefore, ask for more of what you like & less of what you don’t like.  So you like your tea milky with one sugar and you would like to be a lawyer and go on travelling.  Well, then start asking for it.  Whenever anyone asks how you like your tea/what you want out of life, tell them, ‘Milky, one sugar/I want to be a successful lawyer and travel the world’  Even If the situation you are in right now isn’t quite how you’d like, by remaining in faith and knowing what you want, you will take the steps to get there.

And just like our taste in tea often changes, so does our plan for life.  Go with it.  But remember, If you don’t ask for what you want out of life, you won’t get it.  And don’t depend on anyone else to make your tea the way you like it.  In the same way as you should never depend on anyone else to make your life the way you want it.  It’s your life.  Your responsibility.  Your dream.  So make it for yourself!

So, how do you like your tea best hey?!!? 🙂


5 responses to “A tea with two sugars and milk please…

  1. malika bouamama

    I like my tea strong lots of milk and 1 sweetner!

  2. Hey Michelle, I love this post. Great job! I was also recently inspired by drinking tea while meditating. I took a slightly different direction, but it is positive as well. What a coincidence. 🙂

  3. Brilliant! I love this – what a great analogy!
    Made me think –
    Why is it that so many of us don’t like asking for what we want? It would make life a lot easier if we did – along with being able to say no graciously! I was at my favourite forest cafe for lunch today. The waitress brought a lovely ploughmans to a nearby table. Before she was able to place it on the table, the customer almost shouted “Can you take that back! – I didn’t know it would be brown – I can’t stand brown bread!!” and continued to moan about brown bread to others around her.
    Brown or white – with or without sugar in your tea – and whatever else in your life .. don’t expect others to mind-read then you won’t be disappointed.

  4. Hi
    I have read several articles abt self development and motivation. I realize that this is most illustrative and summarize than usual.
    I would like to congratulate you for that, and allow to say…
    gone be a an honor to be in touch with you…
    one question :
    what y think abt the quantum jumping

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