What’s your USP?!

Within Business & Marketing, the USP is emphasised very heavily (to those who aren’t aware of Business lingo, USP stands for Unique Selling Point).  What is unique about your product/service and what does your product/service do that other products/services out there on the market don’t already do?! Why should I buy your product/buy into your service?! What makes your product/service stand out?! And these same questions can be transferred across in order to be asked about you.  What is your unique selling point? What do you have/do that other people out there don’t already have/do?! Why should someone date/be friends with/employ you when there are so many people out there in this world?! How do you stand out?!

Now, I appreciate that these are a lot of questions and it makes life sound like a competition but the harsh reality is that that in order to be a success in life and to go far, you have to do what others don’t and stand out from the crowd.  You have to be different.  You have to be bold.  You have to be unique.  You have to be YOU! 🙂

At first, this may sound like you have to radically change yourself in order to stand out from the crowd but in actuality I am actually implying the opposite.  We are all born unique.  No two people the same.  Therefore what could be more unique and stand out more from the crowd then you being yourself?! People think that in order for people to notice them they have to be something they are not and cause controversy and although this may spark interest, how long can you keep this up?!  Being fake and living a double life is hard work.  How much simpler would it be If you were just yourself!?

Be authentic.  Be simple.  Be you.

This is different.  This is unique.  This is you 🙂

A perfect example of this would be X Factor.  You get people with little talent going to the auditions in crazy outfits or with skimpy, barely there outfits and they do this because they want to stand out and they want to be noticed.  And they know their singing voice isn’t talented enough for them to be noticed on its own.  Yes, they will spark interest and get through to the first few rounds based on the fact that they provide comedic entertainment or eye candy, but never will these acts succeed or win the show.  The winners of X Factor will get through on their talent alone.  They don’t need big hair, lots of make up, blinged up jewellry and scandalous attire (and that’s just the boys!) to get noticed.  They know that by being themselves and keeping it authentic, they will get through.  And they have faith and confidence in this.  That’s because their talent is so EXTRAORDINARY that it sells itself.  If you know what you are good at and are passionate about it, you don’t have to do/be anything other than be yourself in order to sell you.

You notice this with fashion as well.  Quality, designer brands don’t need OTT advertising or gimmicks and don’t need clothes emblazoned with outlandish colours and jewels as they know that their brand will sell itself.  Chanel is a prime example of this.  They keep it simple.  They keep it authentic.  They keep it real.

So ladies & gents, the best advice I can give you in life is to just be yourself.  Don’t feel the need to change in order to fit in with a crowd or impress people.  You notice this a lot especially when you go out partying.  And I myself have been at fault with this.  You see girls copying latest fashion crazes or celebrities to fit in, look pretty and stand out in order to attract guys but you end up all looking the same, which means the supply will be greater than the demand (thought I would throw some economics in there!)  If one girl were to walk in in simple attire, with full confidence of who she is and what she stands for and looking authentic, she would be snapped up straight away.  Because she would stand out.  She would be different.  She would be herself.  Unique.

Don’t try and be something that you are not as this has no longevity or integrity.  Know yourself inside out and accept yourself, faults and all.  This is what will get you noticed by those who count. And this will attract friends, relationship partners and employers to you.

So, yes, it really is that simple.  Authenticity is what makes you stand out.  Authenticity is what takes you places.  And authenticity is what makes you unique.  Just know yourself.  Accept yourself.  Love yourself.  And so long as you are yourself, you will get far.

Keep rocking & ruling people and stay tuned for further blogs on keeping it real! 🙂


2 responses to “What’s your USP?!

  1. Wise words Michelle! Be courageous. Be the uniqueness that IS you – without compromise. Think – say – and do everything from your head AND heart and you can’t go far wrong.

  2. Love this!!! xxx

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