Legal High!? How about life!?

There is a passage within the book’The Power of Now’ which really resonated with me.  It is about a homeless man who is sittting on a box.  A man walks past and the homeless man asks the man for change.  Instead of giving him the change the homeless man requested, the man asks him, ‘Have you ever looked inside the box you are sitting on?’  The homeless man says that in all the 20 years he has been sitting on the box he hasnt once looked inside.  So the man asks him to do so and when the homeless man does, he finds within a box full of gold…

What this story illustrates can be applied to ourselves. We spend so much time looking outside of ourselves for happiness, joy, love and excitement without realising that all we need to do is look inside of ourselves and find it within.  Its all there for us to enjoy but we never take the time to tap into it.  Instead we drink to excess, have casual sexor take drugs in order to get a temporary high and short lived happiness.  Its the same as buying a handbag or a pair of shoes and thinking that maybe that will make you happy.   Well sure it will for the first few hours.  But it will wear off and soon you will be searching for the next fashion item to bring you joy.   The happiness & joy you find within yourself is everlasting and a hell of a lot healthier and kinder to your body.  And it is FREE.

Now, I hope I havent offended anyone by this blog as I dont condemn anyone who does go out drinking or who takes drugs because I am hardly one to judge.  It was through my own life experience that I learnt that rather than me constantly searching for that next high or something else to fill the void in my life, I could just stop looking and instead just BE.  Just BE and enjoy the amazing things life has to offer and the amazing things I have to offer. The happiness, the joy, the excitement that we are all striving for.  Its all there.  Within you.  NOW!

So what are you waiting for?!!? Take a look inside and spend some time realising how much GREATNESS there is within you.  How much JOY, how much LOVE, how much HAPPINESS there is right within you.  And it cost you NOTHING to access it.  Its FREE.  And its ACCESSIBLE. You have a treasure chest filled full of gold and its all there for you to access & enjoy to the fullest.

We all have a legal high available to us right this very minute.  So how’s about it then?! Hows about breathing in oxygen?!!? 🙂


One response to “Legal High!? How about life!?

  1. Wonderful Words of wisdom Michelle..

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