Michelle Moves Mountains…

Welcome to my blog & thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this.  I am so excited to be sharing my writing with you and look forward to hearing your feedback as I have always been someone who is open to new perspectives and interpretations and believe we are all works in progress.

I decided to start writing a blog as I have always been told that I have a talent for writing and I decided it was about time I put this talent to good use.  I am also aware that I am skilled at motivating people so I hope that through this blog I am able to motivate and inspire at least one person to move the mountains that are limiting them to live their lives to the full.

Which leads me onto why I chose MichelleMovesMountains.com.  Well I have my good friend Andrew to thank for inspiring me with the name choice (Thanks dude!)  but it is also a name which is very apt for where I am at at the moment and resonates on a physical and spiritual level for me.  When I asked my friends what moving ‘mountains’ meant for them, I heard various things ranging from being able to tackle the possible and making it possible & overcoming obstacles no matter how big.  But the primary thing that came out of it was faith.  And this is what moving mountains means to me.  It means knowing that no matter how BIG the problem may seem, having the faith deep inside you that no matter what the outcome, everything will be ok.  And it is this faith that makes me strong and makes me know that I can cope with anything, big or small.

Moving mountains also means removing the limits off your life.  The things that are stopping you from living life to the full & enjoying everything that life has to offer you.  I hope that through my blogs I am able to help you move the mountains that are stopping you from viewing life in a wider perspective & I hope it raises some thought provoking ideas that will make you question how you have currently been viewing life.  I dont for a second believe that everyone will see eye to eye with me and what I am saying but for the record, my intention is to not cause controversy.  My intention is to wake you up to how POWERFUL YOU actually ARE!



13 responses to “Michelle Moves Mountains…

  1. Great – well done and remember – If you want to be successful, it’s just this simple: Know what you’re doing. Love what you’re doing. And believe in what you’re doing.

  2. Woo Hoooo!!

    A very warm welcome to the world of blogging!! ^^
    A great read chica..! We will continue to bounce off each other and learn from each other as we go along im sure. Really glad you are up and running now 🙂

    Keep blogging, and remember im here for help when ever needed… (and also when its not..lol)


    • Woo Hooo back atcha Daniel! Thank you for your kind words of encouragement and for the help you have given me thus far. You gave me that little nudge to make my blogging a reality so I am truly grateful. I look forward to us bouncing ideas of each other and you being my blogging mentor! You rock 🙂

  3. Well done. What a brilliant read this is. Keep on going and you will achieve anything. We have always known, that you should have been a writer (author). Remember writing with your friends about problems at junior school!!!! I remember it so well. Never look back on the negative times, just focus on the positiv and good times you have. Love you for ever. Mum xxx

  4. Congratulations on starting your new blog. There is a lot to be said about a person who dedicates himself or herself to improving the lives of others. I also really like the setup on wordpress too. It looks great, aesthetically pleasing! I look forward to reading the posts

  5. Well done Michelle, you’ve stepped out in empowering others and this is only the start. Your faith in doing this will create opportunities to do more. Congratulations.

  6. Well done Michelle!! I can see this is going to grow into an amazingly inspirational site for us all to read. You have been a rock to me over the years, especially recently and I am so grateful to have such a great and empowering best friend!! YOU ROCK!!! xxx

    • Thanks Leanne! I have been blessed to have you as one of my best friends. You bring such joy and happiness to my life and I am grateful to you too for all your support, encouragement & wise words. Love you more than gluten free pancakes! 🙂

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